Grace Rescue Mission


2205 Exchange Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK  73108

(405) 232-5756


Grace Rescue Mission is an emergency shelter for up to 100 men a night.  We serve 400-600 meals to the community daily.

SAFE Addictions Recovery Program (1 yr. in residence program).

6 month Back-To-Work Program (mandatory 50% income savings to enable the participant to pay required deposits when they step out on their own again.

Education program (participants enrolled in college or technical training have an indefinite stay at the mission as long as they can prove enrollment and satisfactory progression.

Security (we provide "as needed" security for Sanctuary Women's Shelter, Stockyards Main Street functions and Exchange Avenue Baptist Church.



Quick Resources For Pastors and Ministry


     Grace Rescue Mission (Men Only) - All Pastor Referrals Accepted (Except Sex Offenders - State Law)  232-5756

     City Rescue Mission (Men, Women, and Families)  232-2709

     Jesus House (Men and Women diagnosed with mental illness and currently on medication)   232-7164

     Salvation Army (Men, Women, and Families) No fee.   246-1133

     Sunbeam (For Seniors 55+)  30 day shelter (they search for placement in a more permanent facility)  528-7721 x 110

     YWCA Passageways (Battered Women's Shelter)   949-1866


     Food Baskets

     Baptist Mission Center - Every Thursday 1-3 PM. 

     Grace Rescue Mission (When Baptist Mission Center is closed). 


     ID, Birth Certificate, Gas Vouchers

     Community Action Agency (Available while supplies last - usually the first half of each month)  Needs referral letter from pastor

        on church letterhead.     232-0199

     Travelers Aid     232-5507



     Crisis Center    522-8100 - At Risk Patients will be turned away. The individual must be actively in crisis to be treated.

     Hotline For Teens    271-8336

     Domestic Violence    522-7233

     St Anthony Mental Health Facility    272-6005 (You must process through the Emergency Room)

     Narcotics Anonymous     1-800-711-6375

     Alcoholics Anonymous    524-1100

     Al-Anon and Alateen    767-9071

     Detox (The Referral Center - TRC)    525-2525

     OCARTA (Oklahoma Citizen Advocates for Recovery and Treatment Association)    848-7555 or

     North Care (Drug & Alcohol)     272-0660

     Red Rock (Behavorial Health Services)    424-7711 - It could take as long as 3-4 weeks to schedule, process, and receive treatment and couseling.


     Legal Aid

     Legal Aid of Western Oklahoma   521-1302


     Greyhound Bus Ticket Assistance

     Travelers Aid    232-5507

     Catholic Charities    523-3000

     Guild of St George    232-2266

     Neighbor For Neighbor    236-0413


     Medical/Dental Services (Call For Clinic Hours)

     Baptist Mission Center    235-6162

     Healing Hands    272-0476

     Bryant Avenue Baptist (Del City)    672-4511

     Good Shepard    232-8631

     Cross & Crown    232-7696

     Henderson Hills Baptist (Edmond)    341-4639

     Country Estates Baptist (Midwest City)    732-2201

     County Pharmacy    713-1893


     Housing Assistance

     Oklahoma Housing Authority    239-7551

     VA Hospital Homeless Outreach    456-5756

     Homeless Alliance    632-2293

     Sanctuary For Women (Day Shelter)    526-2321

     HOPE Community Services    634-4400

     RAIN (Regional AIDS Intercommunity Network)    232-2437

  August 2021  
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